The San Juan Islands are located in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains, east of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


There are more sunny days in the San Juans than around the Seattle area. If it’s cloudy and rainy in Seattle, most likely there is better weather up north around the islands. Minimum time for picnics in the San Juan Islands, including flight time of 45 to 50 minutes each way, is 3 to 4 hours. The floatplane stays with you as standby during your picnic.

Sucia Island

Ewing Cove, Sucia Island is our featured and most popular picnic site! At the northern edge of the San Juan Islands archipelago near the Canadian border, Sucia Island is on of the most popular (and scenic) Marine State Parks with numerous viewpoints, Madrona forests, and and intriguing geological formations. Hiking trails, public toilets and campsites throughout the island.

Patos Island

Our “Mystery Island”–Patos Island. Located north of Sucia Island. A premiere picnic site. This small picturesque island has unusual rock formations and a lighthouse located in the north side, just a short hike from the picnic beach site. Marine state park with toilets and hiking trails.

Jones Island

Located off the southwest side of Orcas Island. Jones Island is a marine state park with public toilets, campsites, and hiking trails throughout the island. Hiking on the trails will probably include friendly encounters with deer and other wildlife.